Yummy Drink Factory

Yummy Drink Factory

In Yummy Drink Factory 1.5 you´ll need to serve drinks to earn your freedom
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Yummy Drink Factory 1.5 is a game where you´ll need to serve drinks to earn your freedom.
A witch has punished you to work at the Yummy Drink Factory and serve delicious drinks to thirsty villagers as you work your way to freedom.

You can unlock tasty new recipes and decorate your shop to keep your patrons happy to earn enough to earn your liberty.

The file to download is a 3360016 bytes downloader , but the complete game size is 31.5 Mb.

You can play in four different modes: Story, 2 Freedom Modes (with our recipes or your recipes) or you can create recipes and share them. Each mode has three possible difficult levels, Easy (20 recipes), Medium (28 recipes) or Difficult (38 recipes).

At the begin of each level you receive a new recipe, that you will use during that level. Your patrons will order the different drinks. You must serve them in time, to increase their happiness and the tips they will give you. Should you success with that level, you can unlock new recipes, and play higher levels.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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